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About Us
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Reve Inc.
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Our Business
With as many as 60 custom home starts per year,
Reve's fast construction pace never detracts from
the attention given to its customer's or the home
building process. Our team carefully listens to
each customer's needs and desires, evaluating
which design can give the most satisfaction while
still respecting the client's budget.
Who We Are
Founded in 1985 by Randy Noel and Bill Bourgeois, Reve
offers a proven track record as one of the New Orleans
area's most productive and reputable builders.  Randy and
Bill, both Louisiana natives, each possess many years of
expertise in the construction industry. As a teenager, Bill
worked with his father-in-law in his construction firm, and
later received a business degree from the University of New
Orleans.  Involved in his father's construction company from
the age of twelve, Randy became vice president of that
company before branching off to form Reve Inc. with Bill.